Boise VA – Expand Parking Lot #7 and Convert Sheep Pen

Expand Parking Lot #7 and Convert Sheep Pen

Winspear Construction was awarded a contract from the Department of Veteran Affairs to increase the parking spaces at the VA campus in Boise, Idaho.

The scope at West side of Parking Lot #7 consists of removing concrete pad and connecting sidewalk, existing trees, and landscape within the project area. Work to the East of Lot 7 included new 24” vertical curbing with 3” asphalt paving over 6” of crushed gravel. The design of the parking lot consists for 37 new parking stalls, 1 motorcycle parking stall and 24’ wide drive isles for access.

The scope for Convert Sheep Pen was to convert an unutilized space to provide 14 additional parking stalls. Scope included demolition of existing metal sheds and existing trees. Asphalt paved parking lot will be constructed of a 3” asphalt concrete over 6” crushed gravel.

Overall, the project was a big success. Winspear Construction was able to successful complete this project on time, within the contract budget, and no accidents occurred.

Role: General Contractor