About Us

Experience. Philosophy. Practice.

The leaders of Winspear Construction have estimated, managed, constructed, and executed a vast array of technically challenging and significant projects nationwide from multi-million yard excavation projects, dam excavation, RCC projects, large diameter pipe projects, road repair and construction, arch culverts, wetland restoration, community infrastructure projects, vertical construction, design-build, demolition, in-water stream, levee, and wave break projects, multi-acre leveling pads, tunnels and TBM management and oversight, bridge construction, structural and conventional concrete projects, fish passage projects, treatment plants, and vegetated rehabilitation projects.

The depth of our management’s experience has set us up to be valued for our unique ability to collaborate across divisional, functional, and geographic lines so that we can provide the most integrated approach to our clients while ensuring that our communication is streamlined–expediting timelines and allowing us to focus on safety and sustainability. Our solutions give clients a single point of accountability for even the most complex projects and enables us to deliver high levels of quality while maintaining efficiency.

Responsible growth is our strategy and commitment. It’s what drives us to continually do the right thing for our people, the environment, our company, and the clients we serve every day. It means that we hold ourselves accountable for the safety of every individual who works with us, for the well-being and sustainability of the environments and communities around us, the integrity of our employees, and for the overall excellence of our work. We continually strive to achieve success through safety, quality, and on-time construction while leaving the individuals and places we touch better off for their interaction with us.


Winspear Construction has worked with many different architecture firms covering a diverse portfolio of projects. This contract delivery method is when the Owner hires a single entity to provide the design and construction services for a project. As the design-builder, Winspear Construction provides complete management through all phases of the project which reduces the burden on the Owner by minimizing unknowns, cost increases, and schedule delays.


This is the most typical contract delivery method. The General Contractor is responsible for managing the construction of projects that are designed by outside architects. Winspear Construction would manage the onsite construction building process, subcontractors, schedule, safety, cost, & the overall completion of the project.


This service is used when an Owner uses a consultant to manage the time, quality, and budget for a project. In this role, Winspear Construction would represent the Owner for the entirety of the project.


Winspear Construction maintains an experienced crew of Foreman, Operators, & Laborers. We are capable of self-performing site clearing and grubbing, site concrete preparation and placement, landscaping sub-grade preparation, curb preparation and placement, and sidewalk preparation and placement.


Our crews have safely and successfully demolished a variety of structures, buildings, and site elements on multiple projects. Demolition requires proper planning and sequencing to ensure safe deconstruction practices are followed. We are environmentally sensitive and recycle as much deconstructed material as possible.


Winspear Construction specializes in all facets of excavation. Such items include building mass excavation and haul off, footing excavation and preparation, backfill, compaction, and grading. By owning the required equipment to perform these activities it allows us to be competitive and in return save money for our clients.


We have installed all types of utilities required for a functional building. This includes piping for gas, geo-thermal, water, sewer, electrical trench, telecom trench, fire, & storm water. Utility construction is an added value to our site prep and excavation services.


Our crews are certified and trained to install a variety of waterproofing systems, namely the W.R. Meadows. We also have the ability to inject a Hydro Grout Material into concrete foundations and walls to stop water from continually entering a structure.  We maintain the proper trainings to ensure critical quality requirements are met and all warranty obligations are adhered to.

Solution-focused & Find Success

Winspear Construction’s Leadership team includes professionals with diverse backgrounds and multi-faceted experience. Our team is tailored to the complexity and size of each individual project allowing us to provide our clients with the best team for their project. Safety, Quality, and Integrity are three of the most notable traits portrayed by all employees at Winspear Construction. Our team’s unique experiences have allowed us to be solution-focused and find success in technically challenging projects.

Jordan Winspear President

“The 3 key elements to a successful project are Safety, Quality, and Production"

Jordan Winspear is the President of Winspear Construction, LLC., and has worked in the construction field for over 20 years in capacities ranging from Carpenter to Project Manager. Since 2007, he has worked on large civil construction projects all over the Western United States, as a Field Engineer, Project Engineer, Superintendent, and Project Manager for three of the largest construction firms in the U.S., including a Women-Owned 8(a) firm that specialized in Federal Contracting.

Mr. Winspear has extensive experience on large-scale excavation projects, concrete placements, pipe jacking, installation of sewer/water lines, and site development for high-profile clients. Working on the replacement of the Hood Canal Floating Bridge in Seattle, Washington, performing scheduling, estimating, procuring, and coordinating the bridge replacement phase of the project. Mr. Winspear also spent time on a dredge, placing and removing material in Elliot Bay. He has worked on three different light rail tunneling projects in Washington & California. He has worked on relocating utilities and setting piles for the future light rail tunnels while dealing with the most stringent laws pertaining to traffic control, environmental compliance, and managing the coordination of all field work in a 3-mile radius in heart of Los Angeles.

Jordan graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management as well as with a minor in Business Management. He also spent time serving in the United States Coast Guard as a boarding officer, lead crewman, and communication watch-stander.

Kristin Winspear Vice President

Growing up in a family owned Construction company, Kristin Winspear learned firsthand the core values she brings to Winspear Construction; respect, integrity, and hard work. The last 20 years of business experience come from specific areas in small business support, meeting schedules & budgets of fast paced construction projects and, daily project/client reviewed solution teaming. Passionate about living a life in serving and creating she brings a solid history of success to Winspear Construction, LLC.

Mark Sitz Vice President of Operations

Mark is the Vice President of Operations for Winspear Construction where he manages, and provides division with appropriate staff, resources, and direction to fulfill business development, financial, estimating, and operational goals.

Mark has developed estimates for small and large projects for private and government agencies in the Treasure Valley as well as the Greater Northwest. He has developed strong relationships with local owners, subcontractors, and suppliers to help grow the Winspear Construction name. Strong attention to detail is one of Mark’s greatest traits that allows Winspear Construction to submit responsible bids. Mark brings a lot of experience, from working on large multi million dollar schedule driven state and federal projects, to the company.

He graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelors of Science in Construction Management and a minor in Business Management. When Mark is not working he enjoys spending time with his two children. Mark also enjoys traveling back to his families cattle ranch in eastern Oregon where he enjoys quality family time.

Ben Wakefield Vice President of Concrete Operations

As the Vice President of Concrete Operations Ben manages field and construction costs, ensures safety and quality compliance, builds strong relationships, and is a field crew leader. 

His experience comes from his previous ownership of Fortis Concrete. Ben procured and managed high-profile projects to various private and public agencies, built and maintained complex budgets monitoring costs and profitability and lead a team of field personnel to ensure Safety/Quality Compliance.

Ben attended Colorado State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management and a Bachelor in Business Administration. 

Craig Walters Site Safety and Health Officer

Craig is the Site Safety and Health Officer for Winspear Construction. He fulfills several roles, including project management, quality control, and safety leadership. His experience includes working on diverse projects from smaller “municipal jobs” to multi-millions dollar federal projects. He has a proven track record of identifying key areas of improvement while developing effective plans to mitigate issues and risks, leading to enhance quality and safety within the work environment.

Dedicated and committed, he strives every day to preserve a highly regarded reputation for excellence in quality of deliverable, building strong relationship, and providing leadership expertise. His professional construction and operations management experience spans over 25 years, and multiple industries.

Craig graduated from George Fox University with a Bachelor of Arts in Management, and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. Outside of work, Craig is an avid landscape and nature photographer, an architectural pencil artist, and enjoys spending time with his wife in the great outdoors of the Northwest

Jared Lizardo Project Manager

Jared is an Office Engineer here at Winspear Construction. He assists in estimates for public and private clients on heavy civil and commercial projects. He also is responsible for sending submittals to project owners as well as attending on site meetings for potential bids. 

His experience come from being the assistant project engineer for residential, commercial, and civil projects. He worked on: conducting a variety of tasks associated with the building of commercial and residential construction, coordinating field meetings, implementing daily projects and maintaining activity locations, and supervising and directing field staff.

Jared attended California State University Chico, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and a Minor in Business Management. When he is not working he enjoys relaxing and having fun with outdoor adventures. 

Lyle Dawson General Superintendent

Lyle is the General Superintendent for Winspear Construction where he manages the field operations and the craft employees. His roles include: schedule management, safety implementation, coordination with subcontractors, oversight of performance of design and construction phase of contract commitments, and managing day to day activities of division staff.

Lyle brings with him over 20 years of heavy civil construction experience. Ranging from segmental bridge erection, cantilevered form traveler bridge construction, elevated and ballasted light rail construction, to wastewater treatment facility construction. 

He attended Colorado State University graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. When he isn't on a job site he enjoys exploring the outdoors camping with his family, spending time with his wife and 3 great danes, and experimenting with his Pit Boss smoker. 

Jeff Hannes Senior Estimator

Jeff is our senior estimator here at Winspear Construction. He is responsible for providing budgets to tentative and repeat clients and the review of final estimates to ensure accuracy and completeness. He translates the identified project scope and engineering deliverables into the estimate of capital expenditure cost. He extrapolates cost curves based on his firsthand experience of schedules activities/cost correlation analysis. He ensures all working documents and data are maintained to back up estimate figures.

His experience come from over 35 years of work in construction management with major emphasis on cost estimating and project management.

Jeff attended the University of Wisconsin studying agriculture economics and management computer systems. Jeff was also a member of the United States Air Force.