Nampa Fish Hatchery Raceway Rehab

The Nampa Fish Hatchery is the largest provider of Rainbow Trout in Idaho.

This project presented a unique set of challenges that Winspear Construction crews overcame through hard work, creativity, & persistence. The Fish Hatchery was required to remain open during the rehabilitation work. IDFG provided constraining work windows that allotted Winspear Construction a definitive amount of time in each raceway. This allowed the necessary space for the fish to continue through their life cycle. Winspear had to approach each raceway in a non-practical Construction sequence and still maintain critical deadlines. Another unique challenge of this project was the continues dewatering. The hatchery remained operational which requires a significant amount of water. This provided challenges with keeping the raceways dry for the necessary repairs. Winspear Construction crews were able to use common construction practices and come up with creative ways to keep the water out of the work areas.

Perform cleaning and repairs of existing concrete raceways. Existing raceways were over 50 years old and Winspear Construction provided crack, spall, & hole repairs at all 29 concrete raceways. Each raceway received an epoxy paint coating to further rehabilitate the concrete for years to come.