Camels Back Chute Stabilization

Stabilization of Camels Back Park Trail

The City of Boise contracted with Winspear Construction to design a solution to mitigate heavy erosion in a public-use area in September of 2016. This project required a Performance and Payment Bond and occurred on one of the most iconic hills in Boise, Camel’s Back. At the forefront of the project was a plan for safety as large-scale excavation and heavy equipment operation was needed to complete the work on this project. Miles of trails in this public area were shut down in order to accommodate the building of an access road. The work took place on a slope of over 45 degrees.

Winspear Construction built 4 large rock retaining walls, 70 10-foot stone stair treads, a new hand rail, drainage system, and extensive regrading and finish work. Special care was taken by Winspear to preserve the natural features, plants, and habitats in this well known and cherished area in the Boise foothills.

Completed April 2017


Role: Construction Management, Planning, Performance