Plantation Island Bridge Restoration

Winspear Construction was awarded a Contract from the Idaho Foundation of Parks and Lands to restore both bridge approaches for the Plantation Island Bridge. Located on the Boise river in Boise, Idaho. The bridge is a key component of the Boise Greenbelt. A twenty-five mile pedestrian path along the river that had been removed due to damages to the approach caused by flooding in the spring of 2017. Winspear was awarded the contract in February of 2019.

Winspear Construction’s scope of work included importing and installing approximately 800 cubic yards of rip rap and fill material in the river to repair the bridge approach, as well as armoring the new fill with rip rap to prevent future erosion and wash out. Winspear also grouted under the existing concrete abutments, planted willow bundles at the toe of the slope to prevent sediment wash out in the future, and replaced selected bridge timbers. The work all included a key public safety component due to the high degree of pedestrian traffic around the work site.

Due to Winspear Construction’s ability to complete the Project under budget, the Foundation issued a change order to Winspear Construction expanding the scope to include demolition and repaving of the entire asphalt path on the island.

Overall the Project was a huge success and the public is ecstatic to have their Greenbelt Path open again. City and County officials had a formal opening ceremony upon project completion and specifically highlighted Winspear Construction’s dedication and work as instrumental in making the Project a success.

Completed April 2019